there is

there is
there is, there are
This impersonal formula is used to indicate the existence of something or someone in a way that avoids the need to identify them more closely grammatically. There is (or was) is used when the following noun is singular, and there are (or were) when it is plural: There is a spider in the bath / There were three biscuits a moment ago. When the number of the following noun is more complex, choice is normally determined by what follows immediately; for example, There is a pen and three sheets of paper on the desk sounds more natural than There are a pen and three sheets of paper on the desk. Amounts regarded as a unit are also treated as singular: There is £5000 in my account (equivalent to ‘the sum of £5000’). Use of there is, or more often there's, as an invariable formula regardless of number is often found but is only acceptable informally: There's 35 branches throughout the country.

Modern English usage. 2014.

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